Having graduated from The University of Queensland in December 2015, with a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Communication with a major in Public Relations, I am now actively looking for entry level positions or work experience in my chosen fields.

I am interested in all areas of Journalism and have had experience completing research projects, conducting case studies, and writing news, feature and human interest articles.

I am extremely interested in all areas of Public Relations, finding crisis management particularly engaging, as I enjoy problem solving and new challenges. I am also extremely interested in all areas of Advertising, having completed several electives in this field for my degree. I particularly enjoy disseminating the psychological elements that trigger particular moods and emotions in order to engage audiences to view products or think about issues in a certain way.

I am highly adaptable, confident, hard-working and show great initiative. I enjoy learning and mastering new skills to the best of my ability, quickly and efficiently. I enjoy working solo and as a team, collaborating with other hard-working individuals toward a shared goal or project.

This is my digital portfolio, containing some of the work I have conducted during my four years at UQ. Please explore my site and enjoy the stories and the people you encounter.

Serena Reece

Contact: serenaerinreece@gmail.com

Phone: Available Upon Request.

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